get in touch:

Feel free to contact me on following e-mail adress: contact [at] milanlicina [dot] com. I am, in no way, interested in helping you transfer 1 000 000$ which you randomly want to share with me or provide any personal information in order to win monetary prize, but we can always discuss creative ideas and possible project collaboration via e-mail or a cup of coffee.

academic & educational:

I am always interested in doing workshops, papers, reserach, guest lectures (both as a lecturer or organizing talks at my classes or University events) and STEAM promotion. For all academic matters, please reffer to me at: milan [dot] licina [at] metropolitan [dot] ac [dot] rs.

social media profiles:

If you are more of a social media type, and want to have a "I follow/unfollow back" contact, I'd be glad to "double tap to ♥" your vacation photo or 👍 work anniversary from following profiles: