New Media Designer and Creative Technologist from Belgrade, Serbia. Passionate about art, design and technology. More precisely, their intersection as platform for creating immersive narratives and experiences. This website showcases some of my projects and ongoing experiments in field of digital and media art. I am skilled in creative coding, rapid prototyping, AR/VR development, 3D modeling, motion graphics, rendering, UX/UI/FUI design, game engine utilization, video editing and sound design. Recently I have started experimenting with deep learning and AI in art.


Head of A/V/Tech at Future Media Studio Galerija 12 and Associate Professor at Metropolitan University Belgrade. Founder of Hostile Takeover Visual Lab.


Born 05.07.1990 as a 5-minute younger brother of digital artist Marija. Dog person. Likes spicy food, home brew beer and Asian small clawed-otter Instagram posts. Music hobbyist.